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Card printer supplies are confusing to many people. I have discovered while serving our customers that many don't really know which ribbon or cards to order. Card printer ribbons are expensive and if you choose the wrong ones for your application you may be wasting money.

This page together with the detail pages will give you the understanding to order the card printer supplies that will match your needs. Links to the detail pages are in each section of this page. These links will take you to pages within this site and you can easily return to this page using the return links provided.

Card Printer Ribbons (Dye Film)

Color card printer ribbons are described by a letter for each panel on the roll. For example the most common full color ribbon is the YMCKO ribbon. These letters and others are explained in the card printer ribbon page. Read it by taking the following link:

ID card printer ribbons

Resin (monochrome) ribbons are also explained on this detail page.

Plastic (PVC) cards

You would think that plastic cards would be an easy choice but that is not so. There are many options available. There are straight PVC cards, composite cards, CR80 and CR79, 30 mil, 14 mil, 10 mil, paper backed adhesive, mylar backed adhesive, cards with chips, ets. I think you are getting the idea. Take the following link to read about plastic cards:

Plastic cards

Card Printer Laminate Rolls

There are a variety of card printer laminate rolls also. 1.0 mil and 0.6 mil laminate patches, thermal transfer laminate film, standard holographic laminate, registered laminate, custom holographic laminate, etc. Click on the following link for information on card printer laminates.

Laminating film rolls

Cleaning Kits and Supplies

When thinking about card printer supplies many people forget about ordering cleaning kits and cleaning supplies. However, keeping your printer cleaned is very important to the quality of your printed cards and the operation and longevity of your card printer. Most card printer companies provide a cleaning cycle in the printer and a variety of cleaning supplies.Some manufacturers will void your warranty if the printer is not cleaned regularly. Click on the following link to read about card printer cleaning, cleaning kits, and cleaning supplies:

Card Printer Cleaning Kits

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