Overview of Evolis Card Printers

Evolis card printers have one of the best reputations for reliability in the industry. Only the Magicard printers are considered their equal. I remember an old Maytag washing machine commercial that showed a bored repairman because the Maytag machines were so reliable there was nothing for them to do. That's true of the Evolis printers too. The repair technicians just don't see that many of them in for repair.

The line of Evolis card printers include the Tattoo2, Tattoo RW, Zenius, Pebble4, Dualys3, Securion Laminating, and the Quantum2 High Capacity printers.

Evolis Tattoo2

The Evolis Tattoo2 card printer is one of our recommendations for the entry level category. It has a relatively low price (MSRP $1,390) but is a good little printer. It's warranty is two years rather than three like the Pebble4 and Dualys3. You can see the review of this printer by clicking on the following link.

Evolis Tattoo2

Evolis Zenius

The Zenius is a brand new ID card printer from Evolis. It introduces some new innovations to their line of card printers such as on-site upgrades, ribbon cassettes, and a new software suite to give the user better control and information about the printer operation. 

Evolis Pebble4

The next printer for review is the Evolis Pebble4. This is one of my most highly recommended Evolis printers or any card printers. It has a three year depot warranty from Evolis. However we have such great confidence in this printer that we upgrade the warranty to a hot swap warranty at no charge. Because it also has a great price it is our recommended printer for the medium volume category. You can see the review of this printer by clicking the following link.

Evolis Pebble4

Evolis Dualys3

The Evolis Dualys3 is another recommended printer for the same reasons as the Pebble4. It has a great price ($2,595) compared to the other dual sided printers, a strong reputation for reliability, and a three year depot warranty that we upgrade to a hot-swap warranty for no extra charge.

Evolis Tattoo RW Rewrite

The Evolis Tattoo RW Rewrite card printer is for printing on rewritable cards, up to 500 times per card. It has a great price ($1,690) and comes from a company that has a strong reputation for reliable printers. It has a two year depot warranty.

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