How does the ID badge software work?

Every ID badge software program uses the same three phases in the process of making badges and IDs. These phases are:

  • Template design
  • Production
  • Printing

The sections below describe these phases in more detail. This page is not expected to substitute for a users manual. The purpose here is to explain enough about the software that you can make an educated decision between programs. 

Template design phase

Templates are used by all ID badge software programs even though they may be called something else. They are complete badge/ID design descriptions that include all of the elements your finished IDs will need.

For example if your badge will have a picture then your template will have a picture element included in it located in the position your picture should show up on your badge. If your badge has separate first name and last name fields then the template will include variable text fields for both again located in the position that they should show up on your badge. You can also define the font, size, and if the text should be left, right, or center justified. Some programs even allow the text to be vertical or horizontal orientations.

If your ID has a barcode then the template would include a barcode element in the same location it should show up on your card. This element allows you to define the type of barcode and size.

For more details on the elements see the detail page on id badge software design elements on this web site. You can reach it from the ID card software page. A link to that page is at the bottom of this page.

You must build at least one of these templates before you can move on to the data entry or production phase of making badges.

Data entry/production phase

Once your id badge software program has at least one template you can start producing badges. Data entry for a typical design template would go as follows:

  • Select one of your pre-designed templates.
  • Upload a picture into your picture element from either your hard disk or directly from the camera using the TWAIN or WIA interface capability that comes with the camera software. Not all cameras have this interface so be careful when you select a camera that one or both are available.
  • Type the persons name into the name field. No need to worry at this point about the font or size, etc since all of that was designed into the template.
  • Type in the text for the other fields in your template.
  • Save this badge. This step will save all of the variable elements of the entire badge including the picture into the database.
  • Repeat these steps for all of the IDs you need to make.
  • You are now ready for the printing phase.

Printing phase

Print just one badge or a batch of badges. If someone has lost a badge just find that record in the database and reprint it. There is no reason to re-enter anything unless something has changed since it was entered the first time.

AsureID and IDFlow ID Badge Software

The AsureID software from HID/Fargo and IDFlow from Jolly software are the software packages that I am most familiar with. They are probably the most widely sold packages also.

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